Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class in Miami

Miami/Hialeah Concealed Weapon HOURS
Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays: 10am – 12pm (English/Spanish)
$85 for all classes

Class Details: 
The class is approximately 2 Hours and cost $85.00
After the class you will receive a safety certificate which allows you to apply with the state of Florida dept of agriculture for your license their address & phone is 7743 NW 48th Street, Suite 100 Doral Florida (305) 639-3501

You must make an appt with them at the state office they will charge you $97.00
In a money order or personal check and the fee will include your picture for the permit your electronic fingerprints and the state fee you will receive your permit in approximately 10-20 business days after your appt.
Thank you from all of us at Florida Gun Center

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation that might have turned out differently if you’d had a gun? We believe that a weapon is the best deterrent against most threats, including muggers, thieves, intruders, etc. After taking our Concealed Weapons Permit Class in Miami, you’ll be able to carry a gun in Florida without worries. Defending your life against unexpected threats should be your main goal. That’s why we provide this class for anyone interested in acquiring a weapon permit in Miami. The license is only valid in Florida, and anyone in Miami can participate in our classes. We’re always available for appointments!

The top shooting range in Miami-Dade County

Our specialized class is two hours long. We’ll teach you necessary shooting procedures, safety regulations, and more. Our shooting range offers the most natural and extensive experience in Miami-Dade. After you complete the course, you’ll receive a safety certificate saying you’re fit to carry a gun. You’ll be able to apply for a weapons permit with the state of Florida. At our shooting range, you’ll learn how to shoot safely, and we’ll also teach you the elementary aspects of carrying a gun. Not knowing when a situation demands a deadly deterrent is dangerous to you. We’ll teach you that and more!

One of the essentials for obtaining a weapons permit is a safety certificate. This type of certificate states that you’re aware of all the safety procedures and that you’re knowledgeable about using a gun. Without it, you won’t be able to apply for a weapons license in Florida. To get the permit, you’ll have to provide a picture and your electronic fingerprints. The state office will take a few weeks to release your permit.

How much does the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class cost?

The standard cost is $85 for a 2-hour class. We have no hidden fees or last-minute charges. However, after you receive our safety certificate, you’ll have to contact the state office, and they’ll charge you $97 for the weapons permit. In about 10-20 business days the weapons permit will arrive, and you’ll have extra backup ready for those challenging situations. You never know what might happen in real life, and it’s good to have a deterrent at hand. A concealed handgun does most of the work for you when it comes to intimidating potential threats. We recommend taking our course and learning more about handling a gun at the shooting range!

We have an excellent indoor shooting range in Miami. It’s one of the best in the country. We respect all safety regulations and use state-of-the-art protection technology, such as ballistically-secure ceilings and walls. Our adjustable targets can move up to 55 feet away, giving you a realistic challenging and experience. Moving targets are harder to shoot, which gives you good practice. You have to be ready to react calmly in a high-spirited situation! Our gun range is clean, comfortable, and can accommodate pistols and rifles of different calibers (.50 up to .308), and more.

When you’re ready to begin our Concealed Weapons Permit Class, please make an appointment at our shooting range. If there are at least three people in the class, we’ll communicate the date and time and begin the course! Regardless of the number of people there, you’ll receive our attention at all times. Your safety is our number-one priority!

Need a Gun Permit?

We offer Florida Concealed Weapons Permits classes Tuesday through Saturday.

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