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Florida Gun Center’s Gun Store in Miami

Do you want to arm yourself with an accessible handgun or hone your shooting skills? The Florida Gun Center’s Gun Store is at your disposal for your gun needs! We have a website and a physical store in Miami for everyone who wants to buy a gun. Our company emphasizes client satisfaction and safety above all else. This means you’ll need a gun permit to purchase a firearm from us. If you don’t have one, we can put you in our Concealed Weapon Class so you can obtain a safety certificate from us. You’ll need it to get a gun permit from the state of Florida.

Excellent gun store in Miami

We’re always stocked with the latest handguns of all calibers. You can also buy the ammo straight from us. Moreover, you can go to our shooting range right after purchasing a firearm to test it out. Our shooting range has ten shooting stalls, all fitted with ballistically-secure ceilings and walls that allow you to shoot without worries. No one will get hurt in our gun store, since we always employ cutting-edge security features. Our staff is always there to help you hone your handling and shooting skills. Florida Gun Center’s Gun Store in Miami provides excellent services to anyone who wants a gun!

Before you think about buying a gun from us or using our shooting range, though, you should be aware of a few rules we employ:

  • Wear your eyes and ear protection at all times.
  • Never bring a loaded or unholstered gun into the gun store.
  • No fully automatic rifles permitted.
  • Handgun caliber may not exceed .50.
  • Don’t bring any black powder, armor-piercing, or steel core ammunition.

We recommend learning how to shoot proficiently before purchasing a gun from us. That way you won’t endanger your life or someone else’s life. For self-defense training, our personal protection and home firearm safety classes are open to you! For instance, our Concealed Weapon Class lets you obtaining a safety certificate from us so you can apply for a gun permit with the state of Florida. We’ll walk you through the steps of handling and using a gun safely and efficiently. Our instructors are always ready to help you master the art of shooting!

Realistic shooting range in Miami

Our shooting range is unmatched in Miami due to our adjustable targets, which move up to 55 feet from the shooter, and the ballistic protection we’ve installed in the stalls and walls. Both novices and advanced shooters come here to hone their skills and learn new tricks. Knowing your handgun’s capability, rate of fire, stopping power, and range is essential if you want to use it properly. The recoil differs from handgun to handgun, and some are harder to control than others. That’s why we recommend using the shooting range to test your newly acquired firearm! It’s  safe environment where you can see what your gun can do. Our staff will instruct you on how you use it effectively!

At our Gun Store, you can get your first handgun and start protecting yourself effectively! You never know what might happen on the street, and it’s always good to have a deterrent ready for the occasion. Most thieves or muggers will run away when threatened at gunpoint. You rarely have to use a handgun as anything other than a lethal deterrent to anyone who wants to harm you. Our gun store prides itself on offering high-quality firearms at accessible prices for Florida and Miami residents. As long as you have a gun permit, we’ll gladly sell you a handy weapon to defend yourself and your property. And if you don’t have a gun permit, we can help you obtain one!

Need a Gun Permit?

We offer Florida Concealed Weapons Permits classes Tuesday through Saturday.

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