shooting range

Florida Gun Center has a modern state of the art gun range that is clean and comfortable. Our range has adjustable targets that move up to 55 feet in distance.

We have 10 shooting stalls that can accommodate pistols up to .50 caliber and rifles. up to a .308 caliber. We provide the latest safety features to protect the shooter, including ballistically secure ceilings and walls, both in the booths between shooters and downrange. Safety is our number one priority.

For the novice shooter, we offer to teach the art of shooting. Classes are available in home firearm safety, personal protection, as well as basic firearm training classes.
Advanced shooters will find a safe, clean place to hone their skills with friendly and helpful staff available to assist.

Range Rules

  • Eye and ear protection to be worn at all times while in range area.
  • No fully automatic firearms, black powder, steel core, or armor piercing ammunition.
  • Any damage done to range equipment by shooter will be charged to the shooter. You break it, you bought it.
  • Handgun caliber may not exceed .50 caliber.
  • Keep your weapon unloaded and cased or holstered until you enter the range. Do not enter the store with a loaded firearm.
  • When leaving range area, make sure firearm is unloaded and in a safe condition (holstered and/or in a case).

**New Range Fees and Rules**

Need a Gun Permit?

We offer Florida Concealed Weapons Permits classes Tuesday through Saturday.

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