Personal and Home Defense Seminar

This Personal and Home Defense Seminar has been carefully designed by qualified law enforcement professionals to teach the student to survive violent home invasion encounters and active shooter confrontations through classroom lecture, reality based force on force scenarios using SIMUNITION and live fire exercises in our private shooting range.  This seminar is structured for the novice or advanced shooter and the student will learn when to take deadly force action.   Receive a Gun Safety Course Certificate for your Concealed Weapon Permit.  All training is conducted in our indoor air conditioned training facility.


Class Price: $150

Class Time: 5 hours


Curriculum and Topics:

  • State of Florida Statute – Use of Force in Defense of a Person
  • Safety and Storage
  • Home protection and personal defense awareness
  • Aftermath of a shooting in defense of a person
  • The physiological and psychological effects when involved in a shooting incident
  • Tactical movement throughout your home (SIMUNITION shoothouse)
  • Reality Based Scenarios Videotaped for one-on-one Debriefing (yours to keep)
  • Live fire exercises – Safety, draw from holster, shooting fundamentals, one handed shooting, magazine exchange drills, multiple targets

Equipment Requirements:

150 rounds (available on site for an additional price).  Pistol or revolver, holster, belt, three magazines or speed loaders, ear and eye protection.  Please wear sneakers or rubber sole shoes.  No high heels or shorts. We prefer you become familiar with your own equipment.  However, all equipment including firearm will be provided to you at no additional cost if needed and requested in advance.

Need a Gun Permit?

We offer Florida Concealed Weapons Permits classes Tuesday through Saturday.

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